Common Ear, Nose and Throat Problems: Causes and Cures

Health-wise, ear, nose and throat (ENT) problems are some of the most common diseases afflicting people. These can happen to anyone from kids to adults and disrupt often routine life. Being aware of the symptoms and knowing what solutions work right helps in controlling these conditions effectively. At Absolute Urgent Care we strive to offer total care for all your ENT needs.

Ear Problems


Ear-related issues range from mild discomforts to critical health conditions. Common symptoms include:

Earache: Most times indicates infection or inflammation.

Deafness: It can be temporary or permanent due to infections, blockage with wax or ear injuries.

Ringing Ears: This condition is usually associated with impaired hearing capacity that involves a buzzing or ringing sound in one ear or both ears together.

Discharging Ears: Fluid coming out of the ear suggests either an infection or a ruptured eardrum.


Successful treatment depends on:

Infections: Antibiotics are usually used for bacterial infections while viral ones might resolve by themselves through supportive care.

Blockages of Earwax: OTC drops may be enough sometimes; otherwise it may need professional cleaning by a clinician.

Hearing Loss: Depending on its cause and degree, this condition may require surgical intervention or using hearing aids.

Nose Problems


Nasal challenges adversely affect breathing as well as general comfort. Common symptoms include:

Nasal Congestion: Commonly triggered by colds, allergies or sinus infections.

Runny Nose: Usually resulting from either infections or allergies.

Nosebleeds: These could result from dry air, any form of physical trauma, illness beneath it as well as other medical factors that cause bleeding disorders such as leukaemia.

Loss of Smell: Is frequently linked to polyps in the nose structures or infections or even simple allergies to smell.


Dealing with nasal issues includes:

Allergies: Controlled with antihistamines, nasal sprays, and avoidance of allergens.

Infections: Viral infections are often self-limited while bacterial infections may necessitate use of antibiotics.

Nosebleeds: Usually the condition can be managed by maintaining moisture on the nasal passages, preventing trauma and sometimes administering drugs to remedy underlying conditions.

Sinusitis: This might involve taking decongestants, using nasal corticosteroids or in severe cases undergoing surgery for chronic sinusitis.

Throat Problems


Throat problems range from mild discomfort to intense pain thereby affecting speech as well as swallowing. Common symptoms include

Sore Throat: Often due to infections, allergies, or irritants.

Hoarseness: Sometimes due to excessive speaking, throat infection or vocal cord problems.

Difficulty Swallowing: Can be caused by certain infections such as strep throat; acid reflux or a structural issue such as cysts at the back of the throat that makes it difficult for food and drinks to pass through the throat easily thus cause painful swallowing which is also known as dysphagia

Swollen Tonsils: These are typically triggered by tonsillitis among other illnesses that affect these parts of your body system.


Treatment options for throat problems include:

Infections: Viral infections usually require supportive treatment like rest and rehydration whereas bacterial ones demand antibiotics .

Acid Reflux: Can be handled via lifestyle changes and dietary modifications together with medication(s).

Voice Rest: Useful when hoarse voice is due to overuse or irritation.

Tonsillitis. Chronic needs surgical excision while acute one will resolve spontaneously if viral or else respond rapidly to antibiotic therapy where necessary. Chronic may warrant tonsillectomy if there’s a positive history of recurrent episodes of tonsillitis.

When to Seek Help

Though a number of ENT problems can be managed at home, some signs call for medical intervention. In Absolute Urgent Care, we propose seeking medical help in case of the following:

It is possible to control throat, ear and nose problems with the correct information and care. Understanding symptoms and knowing when it’s time to seek the help of professionals can make a big difference in terms of your health and overall well-being. Therefore, at Absolute Urgent Care, we are determined to offer you superior ENT services that will ensure you get the appropriate treatment you need within the shortest time possible. It does not matter if it is something small or grave; our group is here with solutions to see you through as quickly as possible.

Absolute Urgent Care should be your only stop for all issues related to ENT, if yourself or someone you are related with has an infection in his/her throat or ears or any other problem. Our team always has all what it takes for people who require our support.

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