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Absolute U Care is known for fine treatment, both in oral and topical forms, for skin disorders. However, there are times when the patient requires specialists, which our consultants can aptly point out. 

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Dermatological Expertise

Our skilled dermatologists are here to diagnose and treat a wide range of skin disorders, from poison ivy rashes to shingles, providing specialized care for each condition.

Effective Rash Management

Our team offers comprehensive solutions for rashes, utilizing cutting-edge treatments and therapies to relieve discomfort and promote quick healing.

Itching Relief

We understand the distress caused by persistent itching. Count on us to provide effective relief strategies and treatment options to address your itching concerns.

Shingles Treatment and Support

Our medical center is well-equipped to offer dedicated care for shingles, including diagnosis, pain management, and strategies to reduce the severity and duration of this painful condition.

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Our team comprises experienced health specialist who bring advanced expertise and dedication to every aspect of your health.

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Our cutting-edge facilities and diagnostic technology ensure precise assessments and effective treatments to ensure your health.

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We believe in personalized care, tailoring treatment plans to meet your specific needs and ensuring your voice is heard every step of the way.

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Empower Yourself with Skin Disorder Knowledge

Yes, acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and lupus are some of the chronic skin conditions that our urgent care dermatology services can treat. A few of the relevant signs include thick patches of skin on areas like the scalp, small puss-filled bumps on the face and skin inflammation.

Moreover, our skilled team will review your skin condition and might refer you to a skin specialist if required.

Yes, our skin urgent care services can treat some sorts of skin infections. The most common one is Abscesses, which encompasses a swollen area on the skin filled with puss. This disorder is quite uncomfortable for the patients and affects hair follicles or oil glands. 

Also, there are a multitude of symptoms you can look for, like fever, red skin because of injury, blister-like sores, failed treatment of eczema and so on. However, our urgent care dermatology services do not cure all sorts of skin infections. For instance, our dermatologists at urgent care can recommend an emergency room if the fever is 100 degrees or above, there is intense pain, or the swelling has spread.

Yes, we provide acne patients with oral medications to help in treating their skin disorders. Our expert team also recommends topical medicines which are apt for reducing inflammation. These services can also reduce the further possibilities of new acne. 

Acne is part of a chronic skin condition which exhibits symptoms like blackheads or whiteheads as well as pimples. This issue appears when the dead skin cells and oil clog the hair follicles. We welcome you in case any of such signs are visible on your beautiful skin. 

Yes. If numerous bugs concentrate in a particular area at your residence, such as the bed, there are unconditional chances of bug bites. These bites can lead to itchiness and rashes, which require skin urgent care. We have medication to reduce the symptoms and offer you comfort from pain and redness. 

Dermatologists at our urgent care can cure bug bites, contact dermatitis and ringworm in case the skin condition has not worsened. 


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