Stitches Care

Does with Absolute Urgent Care Provide Stitches Care?

The thing about minor wounds, bruising, skinned knees, animal scratches, and puncture wounds is that they are common. Some of these injuries may lead to immediate medical attention, but most of them are easily treatable at home using basic first aid skills.

You may wonder where to get wound care if you believe your cut or laceration is severe enough to require stitches. The good news is that Absolute Urgent Care provides lacerations care and treatment.

How to tell if stitches are necessary for a cut

The first step is knowing whether your cut requires stitches. If there is uncertainty, then the best option is to ask a qualified doctor to give opinions. Lastly, it is advisable to get the attention of a medical professional without delay to reduce chances of the wound getting infected.

The following are some red flags that suggest you could need sutures or emergency skin stitches:

  • The wound or its surroundings are numb.
  • The wound is lengthy, open, uneven, and extremely deep.
  • Even after applying direct pressure, the wound does not close or stop bleeding.
  • The cut is in a delicate spot, such as the face or genitalia.
  • Animal bite or collision with a foreign object caused the cut.
  • There is a joint cut.
  • The cut is causing cosmetic concern

When to go to the emergency room ?

It is critical to understand when to seek emergency medical attention for a wound. The following are instances of cuts that require stitches treatment an emergency room:

  • Rips or deep wounds with uneven margins
  • Wounds on the hands, fingers, face, scalp, or articulation
  • Cuts where muscles or veins are visibly exposed
  • Cuts with embedded and rusty objects
  • Cuts that are excessively bleeding and won’t stop even with continuous pressure
  • Split apart cuts
  • Wounds and cuts from bites from humans or animals

Usually, patients may need to return to the clinic to get their sutures removed once the wound fully heals. Consult the emergency care provider first if you intend to get the stitches removed by your regular care physician.

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Do I require a rabies or tetanus vaccination?

To prevent any dangerous illness, you could require a tetanus or rabies vaccine, depending on how you got the cut and your past immunization history. Rabies or tetanus immunization is available at Absolute Urgent Care.

If left untreated, tetanus can be fatal. Though uncommon, but this dangerous bacterial infection is brought on by manure, dust, and soil.

The dangerous virus that causes rabies often spreads through the saliva of infected animals. It causes the brain and spinal cord to inflame gradually and fatally.

General First Aid Wound Care for Cuts

To properly care for a small cut, scrape, or bruise at home, adhere to these guidelines:

  • To prevent illness, wash your hands.
  • To reduce the risk of infection, rinse the wound with cool water to remove any debris.
  • Press gently on the wound to help it stop bleeding.
  • Apply petroleum jelly or an antibiotic ointment to the incision as soon as the bleeding stops to keep it moist and prevent damage
  • To help keep the wound clean, cover it with a fresh bandage and change it at least once a day.
  • If you notice any infection-related symptoms, such as redness, swelling, increasing discomfort, or discharge, go to Absolute Urgent Care.
  • If you require emergency skin stitches for moderate to severe cuts and bruises, visitAbsolute Urgent Care.


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