Pre-Surgical Clearance at Absolute Urgent Care

Before we get to what you’ll do, let’s talk about what pre-surgical clearance is. It’s an important part of your health and the success of your surgery. Pre-surgical clearance is a full medical and physical exam that lets us know if you’re ready for what’s coming. Our team will work with you to make sure there are no underlying problems that’ll put you at risk during your surgery.

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Empower Yourself with Surgical Services Knowledge

During this test, we’ll be checking a lot of different things in order to understand how healthy you are overall. Some of the most important things we’ll test are:

Thyroid function: This gland helps control how well your surgery goes.

CBC test: We use this one to measure the number of red and white blood cells along with other information about your blood health.

Urine Test: Looks for anything wrong with your kidneys or urinary system.

Follow these important steps to get ready for your pre-operative exam:

  • Avoid eating or drinking for the specified time before your exam, as instructed by our medical team.
  • Bring a list of your current medications, allergies, and any previous surgical experiences.
  • Inform us about any chronic medical conditions or health concerns you may have.

Scheduling your pre-surgical medical exam is a critical step in your surgical journey. We recommend doing so well in advance of your scheduled surgery date to allow ample time for any necessary follow-up tests or consultations. Contact our friendly team to book your appointment at a convenient time.

Not getting surgical clearance is dangerous. Failure to go through the process can stop any underlying health issues from being found and increase the chances of a problem occurring during surgery. To avoid this, your surgery may be pushed back or even cancelled to ensure safety.

Don’t take a chance with your health or the procedure. Absolute Urgent Care has dedicated itself to giving you the highest level of care and making sure that you’re ready for surgery. Call us today to set up your appointment.

If you have any questions about going through pre-surgical clearance, contact us as well. All we care about is your health and well-being.


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