X-Ray Service at Absolute Urgent Care

When it comes to your health, we’ve got you covered. So, we’re proud to offer an urgent care facility that has cutting-edge digital X-ray technology. You can depend on us for any X-rays you may need, whether it’s just a routine check-up or something more pressing from a recent injury.

What are X-rays for?

X-rays are a crucial diagnostic tool used in the field of radiology to help our medical professionals get a clear view of the inside of your body. They are commonly employed to:

Detect Injuries: There’s nothing quite like an x-ray. It can assess fractures, dislocations, and other injuries in a way no other test can. If you believe you’ve had an accident or suspect a bone-related issue, an x-ray is the best way to pinpoint the problem.

Diagnose Illnesses: Beyond just detecting broken bones, x-rays can be used to diagnose and keep an eye on various medical conditions. Also, conditions like pneumonia or heart disease can be detected.

Guide Treatments: In some cases, X-rays assist our medical team during procedures or surgeries, ensuring precision and accuracy.

How to Prepare for an X-Ray?

Preparing for an X-ray is a straightforward process:

Wear Comfortable Clothing: You may be asked to change into a gown, so wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothes can make the process smoother.

Remove Jewelry and Metal Objects: To ensure clear imaging, remove any jewelry, watches, or other metal objects.

Inform Your Technologist: If you are pregnant or suspect you might be, please inform our staff. We will take extra precautions to protect you and your baby.

Follow Instructions: Our skilled technicians will guide you through the process and provide any specific instructions based on the type of X-ray you require.

Rest assured that our team at Absolute Urgent Care is experienced in making the X-ray experience as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Service Offerings

Our X-Ray Services

Chest X-rays

Our facility provides chest X-rays to assess and diagnose various lung and heart conditions, offering insight into your respiratory and cardiovascular health.

Limbs X-rays

We offer X-ray imaging for limbs, helping in the detection of fractures, joint issues, and other orthopedic concerns to support your musculoskeletal health.

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Plain X-rays for Abdomen

Our services include plain X-rays of the abdomen, aiding in the diagnosis and evaluation of abdominal pain and digestive system issues.

Digital X-ray Technology

Our state-of-the-art digital X-ray technology ensures accurate and swift imaging, providing a critical tool for diagnosing and monitoring a wide range of medical conditions.

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What are the Common Side Effects of X Rays?

X-rays are generally safe, but it’s essential to be aware of potential side effects:

Exposure to Radiation: X-rays involve a small dose of radiation, but it’s usually minimal and safe. Our equipment is calibrated to ensure the lowest possible exposure while still achieving accurate results.

Allergic Reaction: In rare cases, some individuals may have an allergic reaction to the contrast material used in certain X-ray procedures. If you have a history of allergies, be sure to inform our staff beforehand.

Pregnancy Concerns: Pregnant women should take precautions and inform our team. While X-rays are generally safe, we’ll assess the necessity and provide necessary protection.

At Absolute Urgent Care, your well-being is our priority. Our trained professionals will discuss any concerns and answer your questions before proceeding with an X-ray to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

When you choose Absolute Urgent Care for your X-ray needs, you’re choosing convenience, expertise, and top-quality care. Contact us today to schedule your X-ray, or visit us for prompt, reliable service. Your health is in capable hands at Absolute Urgent Care.


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